District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA)

Last Updated on: August 04, 2023


As delegated by the Disaster Management Act 2005, and National Disaster Management Authority directives, the Government of Assam has adopted the Act with notification in the official Gazette (Assam state) in the month of December 2006.The State Government has established the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) chaired by the Honourable Chief Minister, Assam with Honourable Minister Revenue and Disaster Management as its Vice Chairperson. The Secretariat of ASDMA has become functional since 2009.As per the Disaster Management Act 2005, chapter IV clause 25, every district shall form the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner and the Addl. Deputy Commissioner (Revenue and Disaster Management) as the Chief Executive Officer of DDMA. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) has placed District Project Officers at every District HQs to carry out the activities of DDMA and ASDMA. They are assisted by the Field Officers, at the eleven numbers of Revenue Circles in Kamrup district and four numbers of Information Assistants at the District Emergency Operation Centre, at the District Headquarter, Amingaon.

 A District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has been constituted for every district in the State under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner under Section 25 of the Disaster Management Act 2005. The DDMAs shall act as the district planning; coordinating and implementing body for Disaster Management and take all measures for the purposes of Disaster Management in the district as per the guidelines laid down by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA). The district authority will prepare the District Disaster Management Plan, review capabilities and preparedness measures, give directions to the concerned departments at the district level, organize and coordinate specialized training programmes for different level of officers, employees, voluntary rescue workers and take all such measures as may be appropriate for a holistic and pro-active approach to disaster management. 


 The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Kamrup chaired by Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup is the sole authority to exercise emergency power in issuing directives to all the departments and to provide emergency response services in Kamrup district. The DDMA shall act as the district planning, coordinating and implementing body for disaster management. Along with the DDMA, different committees at the Circle (Circle Disaster Management Committee) and Village level(Village Land Management Conservation Committee) for addressing emergency issues are also being formed in the district.

 The District Disaster Management Authority meets fortnightly under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup during the flood season. However during emergency, DDMA meeting may be convened weekly to review the rescue, relief and rehabilitation works. Concerned departments will submit proposal for temporary restoration of infrastructures in DDMA meeting for necessary recommendation and the same would be sent to the ASDMA / Government for financial sanction. The members should substantiate/assist the authority with all the updated information about their concerned areas of operation time to time. An emergency meeting may be held whenever emergency information is received regarding an impending hazard. The authority will meet almost daily till the emergency is over.

The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Kamrup has been notified with the Deputy Commissioner as the Chairperson and the following members as stated below :-

  1. The Addl. Deputy Commissioner (Disaster Management)                                 C.E.O cum Member Secretary
  2. The Superintendent of Police                                                                             Member
  3. The Joint Director of Health Services                                                                 Member
  4. The Executive Engineer P.W.D,                                                                           Member
  5. The Executive Engineer, Water Resources,                                                         Member


Special Invitee to the meetings of DDMA: Heads of all departments concerned with the management of disaster in the district.

District Emergency Operation Center (DEOC), KAMRUP

Contact No. : Mobile : 9678471071 / 0361 1077 (Toll free)

 The DEOC, Kamrup operates 24x7x365 days for any assistance related to a Disaster situation be it a natural or man-made disaster.. For assistance during any Emergency situation a Toll Free number (1077) has been made operationalized) with an intension to serve the common masses better and to minimize the response time.


The DDMA, Kamrup is involved in carrying out various Disaster Management activities in the district along with the Line Departments, Volunteer groups and NGOs. The activities of DDMA, Kamrup are focused upon Preparedness, Capacity Building, Risk Management and Crisis Management.


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