Last Updated on: March 28, 2022

The geography of Kamrup changed from time to time. At one point of time, its area covered from the border of Nepal and Bhutan on to the river karatowa, now somewhere in Bengal. The colonial British government took possession of Assam from 1826, and declared kamrupa as a district under Assam. The name Assam came only during the Ahom rule. Even after the end of the colonial rule, the district continued for some time.

It was indeed a very big district. Till a few years back Guwahati, Nalbari, Baska and Barpeta, presently new districts, were under the administrative control of Kamrup district. For the administrative convenience, and also to bring administration to the threshold of the people, the old Kamrup district divided into about six independent districts –Kamrup Metro, Kamrup, Nalbari, Barpeta and Baska and Bajali. 

The present Kamrup district with its headquarter at Amingaon has proved to be an exemplary and model civil district. It came into being on 31st day of March 2003 with great promises with alacritous drive to go ahead.

The Kamrup District is situated between 25.46 and 26.49 North Latitude and between 90.48 & 91.50 East Longitude. The District is bounded by :-

North - Udalguri and Baska District
South - Meghalaya
East -    Darrang District and Kamrup Metropolitan District
West -  Goalpara District and Nalbari District



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