Last Updated on: March 24, 2022

Transformation and Development


In Assam the Planning & Development Department was set up towards the last part of 1944. Initially the Planning and Development Department was made responsible for the Community Development works till the separation of the Department of Community Development. However the Planning and Development Department continued to be responsible for local development works.

After a major re-organisation in 1958 and afterwards the Department was made the Administrative Department for Directorates of Economics & Statistics, Evaluation & Monitoring Division, Plan Co-ordination Division, Manpower Division, Decentralised Planning Division, 20-Point Programme Cell, NEC Cell, Computer Application Division and the P&D Library.

The Planning and Development Department is the core Department so far as the formulation and implementation of the State Plan schemes are concerned and guides the line departments of the State in respect of formulation, implementation and review as well as maintenance/ reporting of records on physical progress and financial achievements. The Department prepares draft Annual Plans as per the guidelines and as per needs and aspirations of the people. After finalization of the resources likely to be available for the concerned Annual Plan, the Department quantifies the flow of funds for various sub-plans viz., Hill Plan, Tribal Sub-plan (TSP), Scheduled Caste Component Plan (SCCP) and Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) Plan. From the balance, the Department distributes sector wise plan outlays for preparation of plan budget under General Areas.

Recently, In the interest of the public service, the Governor of Assam is pleased to order Vide. Govt Order No. AR.46/2017/15 Dated Dispur the 18th April,2017 for renaming of the Planning and Development Department, Government Assam as " Transformation and Development Department" without any change in the nomenclature of the existing subordinate Directorates and their attached Offices.

Vision: Inclusive, balanced and sustainable development of Kamrup through optimum allocation and effective utilisation of resources.


Mission: To translate the Government’s developmental policy into a proper implementation framework and ensuring its aim at achieving a stable growth rate. To promote Public Private Initiative in infrastructure and various related Development Schemes in the District.


Functions and Objectives



Various Schemes Implemented By District Planning Cell