The Battle of Alaboi and the Battle of Saraighat

Last Updated on: March 23, 2022

The Ahoms under Lachit Borphukan won Guwahati back from Mughals in September-October 1667. Aurangzeb then appointed Ram Singh of Amber on 13 Rajab/ 19th December 1667 to invade Assam. Ram Singh started his expedition on 27th December, 1667. He travelled through Kuntaghat and reached Sualkuchi in April, 1669. The brave Assamese soldiers under General Lachit Borphukan stood in the way of his plans. Skirmishes between the two sides ensued. On 20 Sravan, Thrusday, Saka 1591 (about 5th August, 1669) both sides clashed at Alaboi near present day Dadara, Village-Pacharia in Kamrup District. The Assamese fighting for their motherland inflicted huge losses on the Mughal Army. In the ensuing battle, 10,000 Assamese soldiers sacrificed their lives at the altar of the nation. The sacrifice of the brave Assamese did not go in vain and the Mughal advance was stopped.

Further, it inspired the Assamese soldiers, who two years later in 1671 in the Battle of Saraighat delivered a crushing and humiliating defeat on the Mughals. The Battle of Saraighat was predominantly a naval battle where the Mughals had large boats compared to the small boats of the Ahoms. The Ahoms spanned the river Brahmaputra over an improvised bridge of boats and restored to a combined front and rear attack. The entry of Lachit Borphukan transformed the Ahom soldiers and led to a decisive victory.