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    • About the department: Functions (A basic overview of the department)

    Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) is a public limited company whole owned by the Government of Assam. It was incorporated on the 23rd day of October 2009 and has been registered under Indian Companies Act 1956.

    The main purpose of forming the Company was to take over, manage and operate the electricity distribution system, assets, liabilities, undertaking of the erstwhile Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) pursuant to a notified transfer scheme in terms of Part XIII of the Electricity Act, 2003.

    The primary purpose of the Company is to undertake distribution, trading and supply of electricity in the state of Assam or outside it in accordance with provisions of Applicable Law and all activities ancillary or appurtenant thereto. It has also the mandate to develop, maintain and operate the power distribution system in the state of Assam. In carrying out the work of supplying power, APDCL reaches every part of the state. From Sadiya to Mancachar and from Jonai to Lowairpowa.From the hilly areas of North Cachar Hills to the low plains of Morigaon, APDCL is expanding its distribution network in spite of many physical hindrances. APDCL is also implementing off-grid solar projects in such areas where the distribution network could not reach such as Amarpur area under Chapakhowa Sub-division and the 'Char' areas of Brahmaputra river.

    APDCL is supplying power to the major industrial centres situated in Assam such as Coal India Limited (Ledo, Margherita), Brahmaputra Gas Cracker & Polymer Limited (Lepetkata, Dibrugarh), Cement Corporation of India Limited (Bokajan), Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (Panchgram & Jagiroad), Assam Petrochemicals Limited (Namrup) etc. and serving the people of Assam with a consumer base of more than 64 lakhs and this is growing year by year.


    • Organisational Structure:

    At the headquarter of the company there are the following wings who in turn functions under the administrative control and supervision of the Chairman and Managing Director.

    1. Technical wing is headed by CGM(D&S), LAR, CAR, UAR
    2. Materials Management, Projects Planning & Design wing is headed by CGM(PP&D)
    3. Rural Electrification wing is headed by CGM(RE)
    4. Commercial Revenue, Commercial Tariff and Energy Efficiency wing is headed by CGM(Com. & EE)
    5. Customer Relations, Marketing & Safety wing is headed by CGM(Marketing & CR)
    6. Human Resource Development wing is headed by CGM(HRA)
    7. Finance & Accounts wing is headed by CGM(F&A)
    8. Project Management wing is headed by Director(PMU)
    9. Vigilance & Security wing is headed by CVO and Director(Security)
    10. Medical wing is headed by Chief Medical Officer

    In order to reach out to the consumers in a more inclusive manner, the Company has bifurcated its electricity distribution operation into three regions headed by CGM(D&S)

    1. Lower Assam Region (LAR)
    2. Central Assam Region (CAR)
    3. Upper Assam Region (UAR)

    These regions have been further divided into 8 (Eight) Zones with each zone being headed by a General Manager(GM)

    1. Guwahati Zone under LAR
    2. Rangia Zone under LAR
    3. Bongaigaon Zone under LAR
    4. Nagaon Zone under CAR
    5. Tezpur Zone under CAR
    6. Silchar Zone under CAR
    7. Jorhat Zone under UAR
    8. Dibrugarh Zone under UAR

    These 8 (Eight) zones have been further divided into 19 (Nineteen) numbers of Electrical Circles with each circle being headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the rank of DGM (Deputy General Manager)

    1. Guwahati Electrical Circle - I under Guwahati Zone
    2. Guwahati Electrical Circle - II under Guwahati Zone
    3. Rangia Electrical Circle under Rangia Zone
    4. Mangaldoi Electrical Circle under Rangia Zone
    5. Bongaigaon Electrical Circle under Bongaigaon Zone
    6. Kokrajhar Electrical Circle under Bongaigaon Zone
    7. Barpeta Electrical Circle under Bongaigaon Zone
    8. Nagaon Electrical Circle under Nagaon Zone
    9. Morigaon Electrical Circle under Nagaon Zone
    10. KANCH Electrical Circle under Nagaon Zone
    11. Tezpur Electrical Circle under Tezpur Zone
    12. North Lakhimpur Electrical Circle under Tezpur Zone
    13. Cachar Electrical Circle under Silchar Zone
    14. Badarpur Electrical Circle under Silchar Zone
    15. Jorhat Electrical Circle under Jorhat Zone
    16. Golaghat Electrical Circle under Jorhat Zone
    17. Sivasagar Electrical Circle under Jorhat Zone
    18. Dibrugarh Electrical Circle under Dibrugarh Zone
    19. Tinsukia Electrical Circle under Dibrugarh Zone

    Each Circle is further divided into Electrical Divisions. There are total of 45 (Forty Five) Electrical Divisions under APDCL. The Divisions are being headed by an Assistant General Manager (AGM).

    Each Division is further divided into Electrical Sub-Divisions. There are total 158 (One Hundred Fifty Eight) Electrical Sub-Divisions under APDCL. The Sub-Divisions are being headed by a Sub Divisional Engineer (SDE) in the rank of Deputy Manager (DM) / Assistant Manager (AM).

    Also to cater the needs of the industrial consumers properly, 17 numbers of IRCAs (Industrial Revenue Collection Areas) have been established throughout Assam with each IRCA being headed by an Area Manager.

    The Sub-Divisions and IRCAs are main revenue unit of APDCL.


    • Schemes: (Schemes that come under the department)


    (Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana)

    Objective: To achieve universal household electrification in the country

    Target date: 31st March, 2019

    Salient Features:

    1. The Scheme will cover both urban and rural areas
    2. In Assam, a total of 26.45 Lakhs of Households will be electrified (Rural: 24.80 Lakhs; Urban: 1.65 Lakhs)
    3. APDCL has developed a new Mobile App named "SANJOG" for providing connections under Saubhagya Scheme
    4. All new connections under Saubhagya Scheme will be released through the Mobile App
    5. The Mobile App has provision for taking photographs of beneficiaries as well as documents
    6. The Mobile App will also capture the GPS coordinates of the beneficiaries' houses
    7. Paper less connection process; no need to submit any physical documents
    8. No need to pay any charges at the time of connection


    (Integrated Power Development Scheme)

    1. Strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution network in the urban areas
    2. Metering of distribution transformers/feeders/consumers in the urban areas
    3. IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network

    The scheme will help in reduction in AT&C losses, establishment of IT enabled energy accounting/auditing system, improvement in billed energy based on metered consumption and improvement in collection efficiency.

    Present Status:
    Works awarded:

    1. New Sub-Station : 13 Nos.
    2. Capacity enhancement & Additional Transformers: 36 Nos.
    3. HT Lines (33 kV & 11 kV) : 616 CkM
    4. LT Lines : 211 CkM
    5. Aerial Bunched Cable / Underground: 2322 CkM
    6. New Distribution Transformers: 596 Nos.
    7. Consumer Meters: 68190 Nos.


    (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana)

    Improve the operational and financial efficiency of the State Power Distribution Companies (DISCOMs)

    Present Status:

    1. Tripartite MoU was signed between Govt. of India, Govt. of Assam and APDCL on 04.01.2017 (Click here to view the MoU)
    2. As per MoU, APDCL has proposed to reduce the AT&C losses & ACS-ARR Gap by 2019-20 as per the following trajectory:

    AT&C Losses:









    ACS-ARR Gap:





    Rs. 0.66

    Rs. 0.43

    Rs. 0.19

    Rs. 0.05


    Under Mukhya Mantri Akashdeep Yojna (MMADY) scheme of Government of Assam, LED bulbs are being distributed among applicable consumer base of APDCL. AKASHDEEP mobile app is an effort by APDCL to implement the scheme effectively as well as transparently.

    Roof-Top Solar Project

    AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank)


    The State of Assam (SoA) is contemplating major expansion and augmentation of its transmission & distribution network in near future by implementing projects with the help/grant from Government of India (GoI) and other Multilateral Funding Agencies, such as Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The prime objective of the project/sub-projects is to improve the power sector in the SoA and capacity building to achieve sustainable development in the long term. Given the unique socio-economic, cultural and environmental resources, APDCL is committed to contribute in managing the overall sustainability of SoA.


    The demand for the project has emerged primarily from the demand for improving/upgrading the reliability of power supply by strengthening the electricity distribution network which APDCL, has sought to comply with an ambitious project “Assam Distribution System Enhancement and Loss Reduction Project”. The Project will facilitate connection of remote areas, to enhance the capacity and reliability of the system, to improve voltage profile and to reduce losses and ultimately to enhance satisfaction for all categories of consumers which in turn will spur growth and overall development of the State. The scope involves strengthening the electricity distribution system under two phases comprising networks at 33kV level and below by


    1. a) Constructing new 196 nos. of 33/11kV substations at important load centres,


    1. b) Laying of new 33kV and 11kV overhead lines, and


    1. c) Installation of new 1,140 High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) at select locations to improve reliability and to reduce the distribution losses.


    Contact Information:


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